Why use Social Media Marketing?

There are a couple of reasons to use Social media for brand awareness and to benefit the company. Companies in the modern world should have online presence. Social Media is crucial for company’s growth. Here are number of reasons why you should consider Social Media Marketing:

  1. To increase brand awareness

Around three billion people are using Social Media daily. Consider how a bad break would be to lose immense user power to lose such a chance of marketing. Don’t be that bad workman who always blames his tools. Social Media Platforms have immense power in terms of attracting and effecting online user base. In fact, social media is a proven source for brands to increase awareness and engagements among users.

  1. To generate leads

Sharing the brand’s products or services online is an excellent way to generate leads and accelerate sales. eWOM also helps a brand to get noticed among the community. Using following ways can help in generating leads using Social Media:

  • Create different contests for users to participate
  • Announce giveaways
  • Arrange Celebrity meet-ups
  • Direct links to your website in bio section of Social Media Platforms
  • Host live videos with users and celebrities. You can also do live sessions with Social Media Influencers. Live videos help in talking about tips or some launch party of a product or service
  • Drive Social Media Campaigns
  • Sell your products or services directly on Social Media Platforms by enabling ‘Shop” button on your Social Media Profiles and pages. Users find it compatible by viewing prices by viewing product details without shifting to another link.
  1. To improve relationship with existing customers

By consistently engaging through content, messages, comments and other means; brands are able to foster their relation with customers on immediate basis. Customers now value brand responses, in-time actions, online booking and rely on online platforms to connect with the brand. The more active response rate confirms the firmer relation with the customers.

Then, in counter response, you may also ask your customers directly about how satisfactory your services are. You may fill an online survey through various means to get your brand validation. This gives customers a mental satisfaction that their response is valued by the brands.

  1. To look upon your competitors

Social Media is an excellent source to judge or to look upon the marketing strategies your competitors are using. You can keep an eye on what strategy they are using, which platforms your competitors are using, what campaigns they are implementing, how good their response rate is and then validate your brand upon those metrics. It helps your own brand to improve. By studying their brand and strategy, you may make changes in your own strategy and can experiment what could work for you.

  1. To save expenses

Social Media Marketing enables brands to save tons of Marketing cost.  You may know how expensive a TV ad or a billboard cost. It can cost up to several thousand. In comparison with traditional marketing, online world is very cheap. You can have your brand presence for free on all Social Media Platforms. And if you decide to go for paid promotions too, it is still cheaper than other Marketing means. Social Media Marketing also allows to Target users by their demographics, age or other interests. This Targeted Marketing is to-the-point Marketing which brings in more traffic and loyal consumers.

  1. For Greater Exposure

All brand owners and marketers agree upon the fact that their exposure and sales have accelerated after their presence on Social Media channels. Also imagine spending as less than as 6 hours on Marketing per day can bring in such loyalty and acceleration to your business that you have never imagined before. That is the sole reason that about 90% of the marketers have claimed that Social Media generated leads for their brands. Social Networks are now an important part of any Marketing Strategy and the exposure rate is so high that if any brand is missing the use of Social Media Platforms, it is missing a huge marketing opportunity.

  1. To lead community and brand

What better could be the benefit if a brand becomes the leader and opinion-maker among the community and number one in brands? To do so great effort is involved. You need to be consistent over the years posting meaningful content and by constantly adding value in the lives of consumers. These tactics and numerous techniques will definitely make your brand a noticeable Influencer in your field.

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