How to choose befitted Social Media Platform for Marketing

All social media platforms are unique and have their own algorithms. Social Media marketers should choose the marketing platform wisely to maximize the impact of their marketing campaigns. As algorithm for each social media platform differs, the techniques need to be set accordingly.


Facebook is very, simple, easy to use. Its friendly environment requires an active Social Media Marketing strategy. In Facebook, pages are created for brand presence. You need professional attitude towards your page. All graphics should be need and all business elements of Facebook Business Page should be met as in call to action, location, contact of the business etc. Visuals are the key component of attracting users. Make sure to design page using attractive visuals.

The general perception of a social media platform also counts a lot. The general perception of Facebook is that people relax here and do not participate in much serious content. So, by keeping this in mind your content should be light and engaging. Also, consider marketing through paid means to generate more leads and reach.

Google +

Google+ emerged as a Facebook competitor, but it stayed limited and is used for specific and targeted niche. There are certain communities who actively work and participate on Google + but not all users prefer that platform. So, there are high chances that Google + won’t work for every brand.

Similar to Facebook, you can upload text, photos, videos, links and any other content but you get a +1 instead of a like. Google + has another very dressed to the nines environment where they allow brands to limit their audience to a more specific and targeted niche and only the selected ones can see the information provided. Other users cannot see that. For instance: you create a circle named “Top-Fans” and can announce giveaway only amongst them.

There’s a news circulating that Google is planning to end Google + so, now creating brand identity there won’t be ideal.


Pinterest is one of the fastest emerging social media marketing platform and people are using Pinterest more often. Pinterest is an image based social media platform and have boards to store those images in. Brands are benefitting from Pinterest and using it to drive their sales and make more penetrative messages.

If you are down the wire choosing social media platform for your brand and your brand represents female population, the Pinterest is the go-to option for you because as per research primary audience on Pinterest is female based. Images in Pinterest are called “Pins” so create unique pins and pin boards to give your marketing strategy a blow.


Twitter is all about tweets and re-tweets. Technology geeks, politicians and comedians are most popular on Twitter. If your brand falls under any of the given niche, then Twitter will grow quickly. Twitter allow to re-tweet the tweets through which you can re-share the positive reviews about your brand. Follow other Twitter celebrities of your niche and actively participate in conversations and you will notice a stream of followers coming back to you!


LinkedIn is perceived as the more professional social media site. LinkedIn allows you to create likeminded links with people around your area and globally too. LinkedIn is best to use for employee hiring, posting jobs and letting people know about your business. LinkedIn also allows to give recommendations. So, encourage your customers to recommend your brand on LinkedIn.


YouTube is the King of social media marketing video platforms. No platform can match the quality and content creation of YouTube. YouTube is incredibly powerful marketing place. The next era is era of videos. People spend have of their online time in watching videos, videos that have engaging and interesting content go viral. Every brand’s dream is to make their videos viral to get maximum reach.



Instagram has entered the social media marketing game in October, 2010. Instagram is photo and video sharing platform and is owned by Facebook. Instagram is experimenting on video monetization which will make it the biggest competitor of YouTube. Past shift from other media platforms to Instagram is huge. People share their life stories in form of Insta stories, IGTV videos and photos. Instagram is constantly levelling up their fuddy duddy platform to the most used social media platform.


In past, Snapchat was only known of it’s fun filters but now with the help of Geo-stories more brands are sharing in home stories, production processes, interesting games and other tactics to mark up their marketing strategies.

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