How to Measure Social Media Metrics

Social Media Metrics:

Social Media Metrics is full view of social Media activity on a platform. How much engagements you had, the information about likes, dislikes, impressions, reach of the posts, response rate etc.

How to measure Social Media Metrics:

Social Media Metrics can be measured by the analytical tools of the Social Media Platform. Some Social Media sites provide their own analytics. These analytics are built into the platforms that you use for marketing. They are:

  • Twitter Analytics
  • Facebook Analytics
  • Instagram Insights

Apart from these in-built analytics, Google also provide “Google Analytics” to track the reach and insights of the posts. If you want to use other tools for more detailed insights, there are some Social Media Scheduling solutions available on the Internet. The tools have both monitoring and tracking options. Some tools also provide scheduling of posts and help in unique content too.

Social Media Marketing Resources

There are plenty of social media marketing resources available in online world that you can use to build marketing strategy for your company. You can also take help from number of online courses, trainings, free webinars, social learning sites as SkillShare, from eBooks or traditional books. Here we will discuss briefly about the options you can chose and select from to educate yourself for effective social media marketing strategies.

  • Earn a professional degree

Although there is no proper degree on “Social Media Marketing” in any university but there are number of online certified courses that you can easily access and get enrolled by paying the fee. In return, you can learn online and get a degree.

  • Use websites

Become your own teacher. Research about the good and valuable websites that provide useful material and can serve as a good educational resource. Read a lot about the marketing strategies online.

§  Earn certificates by a company

You can also earn a Social Media Marketing certificate by a company. There are some companies who offer free certifications. These targeted certifications teach you how to create content, how to engage with the users, how to respond to user’s queries, how to develop strategies, how to extend reach and the list goes on.

  • Watch Videos

YouTube can serve as a great learning tool for free. You can watch thousands of videos and can learn anything in the world for free. Watch Social Media Guru’s talking about the effective strategies for marketing in modern world. Keep yourself educated and motivated through the videos.

  • Read Books

Read written material such as books as much as you can. Educate yourself deeply about the topic. If you want to be an expert about a certain field, read minimum 10 books about that topic to master it.

Initiate Social Media Marketing

If you are still struck whether or not to use Social Media as a marketing tool, you are late to recognize its importance for your brand. If you are a small business struggling to get sales, then definitely go for social media. Learn about social media marketing techniques. There are billions of people on social media and are daily users. It’s very consumable to understand that why all brands have online identity. New world is an era of Internet. Every facility is just one click away. So, just start marketing your brand.


Social Media trends are constantly changing and are improving. Learn new techniques daily. Keep up with the modern trends and build your strategy accordingly. Social Media sites are also constantly improving user experience. Use online resources to build up your business.


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