Job Options for New Actors


One of the most popular questions we have from new actors is, what kind of job you can take. Will you be allowed to audition freely during the day? Believe it or not, there are many employee options for befriending young actors. And no, not everyone is involved in the foodservice. Here are some possible positions.


Well, not surprisingly, waiting tables are a great way for newcomers to earn their rent while waiting to play their roles. But, the popularity due to table transfers is that you often have a flexible schedule that allows you to “trade changes” with your co-workers.

Also, especially in Los Angeles, there are many trendy restaurants for the Hollywood elite. Therefore, it will give you the opportunity to hug in the middle of the crowd. And by the way, this is extremely rare, but there are still people who are working in a restaurant and come at the right time.


Assuming you are older, repetition is a good way to endure, including earning a full-time income while working. Many twelve-year-olds working in modern clubs in Los Angeles and New York have to throw more than 100 kilometers each year. Seriously.

Office Temp

There are several companies in Los Angeles and New York City, who are temporary management staff to work with entertainment companies. You are usually working as an assistant or secretary. Earn $ 15- $ 20 per hour. These jobs can be so valuable, that you want to work (directly close) to some of the major decision-makers in the fields of film or television. It may be noted that these are sometimes assigned to a day, week, or month. They allow you to do the necessary things to do about your actress career.

Script Reader

Institutions, film companies, and production companies are bombarded with massive content. The executives who run these companies cannot read the volume of things that cross their homes. So they hire people for them. This is often referred to as “coverage”. It contains a plot summary of the content and your overall opinion, and you feel that this is the company you should consider hiring.

You can charge for these services, the amount you are reading. Much depends on it (script, screenplay, novel, etc.). But the amounts are usually from-50- $ 500- $ 50 for a TV script and possibly $ 500 for a new novel. There are many classes and books available about writing good coverage, so they may be worth it. If it seems, that you have some interest in it. This is a popular choice for you to take your own hours.


Hey, this is ugly work, but believe it or not, it can pay the bill. Maybe you can play a role at one of the 1-900 phone companies. This isn’t the most respected actress gig, but, if you need it, you get the money.

Action Server

Lawyers and legislatures constantly need people who can provide “delivery” of summonses to the department. After all, unless a lawyer can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that when the summons appears to be properly served (in person), then their whole case can be separated.

Web Author

If there is a way with your words, you can find opportunities for someone who pays you to write web-related content. These jobs are not as hard to find as your idea. All you have to do is do a little research for what feels right to you.

Provide A Service

From dog walkers to personal discovery sitting pets, you can provide, that there is a unique service that will be willing to pay top dollars for people in New York and Los Angeles. You need to find a way to properly set up the shop yourself and then. If you start your own service, make sure you have the proper illnesses, tax drawings, and a corporation to set up (so none of your personal assets should be taken into account).

Acting is a difficult skill to master, and trying to find work in the field is even more difficult. Therefore, you need to find a job that you will need to work on your craft to take advantage of any last-minute audition. There are only a few options in the list above.

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