Email Marketing Strategies

Effective email marketing takes time and effort. If you are consistent, you will see results in longer run. There are some effective strategies for making the most out of your marketing campaign.

  1. Build your Email List:

First and foremost, you need to create your own email list of users that deliberately subscribe to you and provide their emails. Uninvited emails results end in spam folders. So, it is better you promote by permission. Ask emails through lead magnets and grow your email list. Using this way people won’t turn off on you and can be your potential customers. You can ask for permission by online or real world. You may get emails through your website, stores, or through any event. But make sure people know that they are opting for your promotions.

  1. Follow the Law:

All email marketers adhere to the law that users can unsubscribe to your newsletters any time. And marketers should provide a clear way to unsubscribe. This law is known as CAN-SPAM Act. This law has set rules for all the marketers to develop a way out for unsubscribing commercial emails. The law gives user the right to stop certain emails. The law suggests heavy penalties for violation. This law is even valid for business to business commercial emails. So, the email marketers should adhere to CAN-SPAM Act.

  1. Don’t Over Dose:

Do not over dose users to buy your product. Researchers and experts say that keep your content 70% relevant to your user and use only 30% to promote your business. So, sending out ads all the time is not appreciated. Send emails by talking about what users need to hear, cater their problems relevant to your business. Share expertise of other, send them tips and tools, insights or other useful information. For instance; a skin care brand can send newsletters to users about the importance of skin care and tips to keep skin fresh or can motivate to develop a skincare routine. They can also send examples of people who take care of their skin regularly and can make a comparison. Share such information that let them know about the genre of your company and make up their minds slowly to buy your products.

  1. Serve Well

Respect your subscribers and treat people in your email list well. Always keep in mind that people who have subscribed to your newsletter have put trust in you regarding their information. They deserve to be respected and treated well. If they are converted from random users to your potential customers, it is your duty to convert them to your fans by constantly adding value to their lives. They will serve as evangelists for your brand if you make them feel special.

  1. Follow Schedule:

If you are email marketing through newsletter, keep in mind to follow a schedule. Ideal situation would be you keep same time and day and repeat it every week or month depending on the marketing strategy you have chosen. Sticking to a schedule is very important in online marketing as it helps users to subconsciously expect from you. They know what to expect from the brand and when. This increases the credibility and punctuality factors of the brand and helps in longer run.


  1. Mobile Friendly:

Market analysis report have found out that almost 50% of emails are responded and seen on mobile devices. So, no brand can deny the importance of mobile optimization of messages being sent over email. A good brand deeply understands that if an email would not respond or open structured, it will automatically loose the sight and attention of the user. So, a good email marketing strategy should include correct mobile display.


  • Email Marketing is the use of emails to market your messages of products and services. Email Marketing allows brand to connect with customers through emails.
  • If Email Marketing is done right with all its attribute, it can flourish sales and can be an effective sales driver.
  • There’s a threat that if email marketing is not done right, your messages can annoy customers and brand emails may end in spam folder.
  • The best marketing email strategy is to mix up your messages, deviate from path from direct marketing, follow a strict schedule and emails should be optimized for mobile devices.

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