Compare Administrative Jobs, Office Support Careers

Below you will be able to describe job descriptions, education requirements, and compare median pay for clerical and office support in law, medicine, and other professions.

Human Resource Assistant

Human Resource Assistants keep track of payroll, benefits, address changes, and job titles as well as any other information within the personnel records of organizations.

While you can only get a high school diploma with equivalence, some careers will only hire job candidates. Who has a bachelor’s degree? Human Resource Assistance earned Madeleine an annual salary of $ 38,100 and a medallion wage of $ 18.32 in 2015.

Library Assistant

The library assists assistant librarians and library technicians, whether they perform their duties by performing religious duties in public, school, college, or special libraries. They check and checkbooks, follow new material, take books and other things to the shelf and collect Jerry.

If you have a high school or equivalent diploma, the job will hire you. Some will even fire those who have not graduated. They will provide job training to new employees. In 2015, median earnings were $ 24,480 per year or .7 11.77 per hour.

Medical Assistant

Medical assistants perform administrative and clinical work in doctors’ offices. Many people are responsible for both, but others have only one kind of work. You can attend a one-year medical assistance program to prepare to work this year at a community college, vocational or technical school, or college. Alternatively, you can get an associate degree from a community college. Medical assistants received a respondent’s annual salary of $ 30,590 and a medallion hourly wage of $ 14.71 in 2015.


Medical Secretary

Prepare reports to medical secretaries, organize medical records, claim medical insurance claims, and schedule appointments in medical offices. They also arrange for patients’ surgeries and hospitals.

In addition to the high school diploma, if you want to do this job, you will also be given special training in medical terms. Some job seekers prefer job candidates who have taken courses in-office procedures. In 2015, the median income of medical secretaries was $ 33,040 per year and $ 15.89 per hour.

Medical Transmitter

Medical transmission advocates have developed recording documents related to doctors or other medical professional recordings. There are some functions and additional academic duties in doctors’ offices.

You can prepare to become a medical transistor by completing a one-year certificate program at a vocational school or community college. Affiliate degree programs are available. Medical transmission fans received a respondent’s annual salary of $ 34,890 in 2015. He paid a medallion hour of 16.77.


Paralegals assist lawyers in a variety of tasks, including trial, hearing, and concluding. They also do research and draft legal documents.

If you want to be a paralegal you can choose from one of several routes. You can find a law firm that will offer job training. This is the easiest and least expensive way to prepare to work in possession. If you want to increase your chances of getting a job, you can get formal training. If you have not yet earned a college degree, you can earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree from a paralegal study program. If you have already graduated from college, you can get a certificate in paralegal studies

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